‘Pupils have a positive attitude to school. They particularly value the opportunities they have to participate in a wide range of trips and after school activities.’

Ofsted report June 2014

At Woodfield we provide a wide range of Extracurricular and Enrichment Activities (EEAs) and clubs. Some occur during school and some after school. We believe that a wide range of EEAs is very important in helping children develop many working skills, people skills, and much more.


The Benefits of EEAs

Benefit 1 – Learning Time Management and Prioritizing
One great benefit of children being involved in EEAs is that they will learn about time management and prioritising things in their lives. As adults we get very used to juggling a variety of different tasks and commitments. Children need to learn how to do this as well,

and getting involved in these activities can give them some practise at it.

Benefit 2 – Getting Involved in Diverse Interests
Being engaged in EEAs also allows children to get involved in diverse interests. This is important for children as this increases tolerance and broadens children's horizons. EEAs allow them to explore the various interests that they might have.

Benefit 3 – Learning About Long Term Commitments
Children learn about long term commitments when they are involved in EEAs as well, which is another excellent benefit. When the join one of the EEAs, they commit themselves to that activity for a period of time. If they don't hold up to their end of the deal, no doubt they'll hear about it from their peers and perhaps even teachers. Learning to take on and fulfil commitments is important, and these activities can teach children this important lesson.

Benefit 4 – Making a Contribution
EEAs allow children to make a contribution in some way. It shows that they are getting away from just thinking about themselves and contributing to something else. In other words, becoming active citizens. This is important for their growth as people.

Benefit 5 – Raising Self Esteem
Many times, being involved in EEAs helps to raise the self esteem of children. Many children sometimes feel that there is nothing they are good at. They struggle with self esteem, and these activities are a way to build on this. EEAs provide them with a way that they can get involved in something and really shine, giving them a boost.

Benefit 6 – Building Solid Relationship Skills
Children will have the benefit of building solid relationship skills when they get involved in EEAs. Children need to get involved in social activities and learn how to act appropriately in social situations. EEAs give them a chance outside of school to do this, whilst still being supervised and supported by adults.


If after school clubs are cancelled, parents will be contacted via the school's texting service.  If you would like to be added to the texting system please click here


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