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Art & Design

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Art has a very important place in our curriculum. We see art as a fundamental part of school life and as a vehicle for creativity and individual expression, as well as providing opportunities for collaborative work.


Our teaching provides an understanding of all the diverse art forms that the children experience through drawing, painting, and mixed media. The skills that are developed in these units can be transferred across the curriculum and aid learning in a wide of range of ways that have significance and meaning for all our children.


At Woodfield Primary School, we inspire, educate and give children opportunities to develop and master techniques. All children will have the opportunity to display their work. We give our pupils chance to explore and appreciate art first hand through gallery visits and workshops led by expert artists and designers. We also ensure that they experience the work of a wide, diverse range of artists, across lines of gender, class, culture and race in a variety of learning contexts.


Our Art and Design Curriculum at Woodfield builds upon the aims and objectives laid out in the National Curriculum. Our Art and Design teaching is split into three strands, which run across our units of work and become progressively more difficult from EYFS up to Year 6:


  1. Drawing

  2. Painting

  3. Sculpture


This ensures that all children are given opportunities to build on prior knowledge and skills, revisit key concepts so that this knowledge becomes embedded in their long-term memory. 

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