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At Woodfield we firmly believe that studying the past provides pupils with opportunities to understand the world of the present, and their place within it. We want our children to leave Woodfield with a secure knowledge and understanding of British history from the Stone Age to the present day, and how it has influenced and been influenced by the history of the wider world. They will also know and understand some aspects of world history through the study of three ancient civilisations: those of Greece, Egypt and Benin.


Through stimulating, engaging and experiential learning opportunities within the carefully chosen topics the pupils will become knowledgeable about different periods of history, the chronology of British history and the concept of history itself. Our curriculum will stimulate pupils’ inquisitiveness to independently delve deeper into the topics they are studying outside of the designated lesson time and to leave our school with a positive and proactive attitude to learning about history.


The pupils will understand and be confident in deploying methods of historical enquiry, identifying primary and secondary historical sources and judging their reliability considering concepts such as bias or propaganda. They will explore a number of themes which run throughout our entire curriculum: civilisation, empire, parliament, peasantry, monarchy, and how Britain has influenced the world and been influenced in turn.


Where we have made choices or decisions on areas of history that we study, these have been driven and informed by two main areas:

  • The history of the British Isles, and the role of Wolverhampton and the Black Country within it. Our children will study our local area in depth at various points throughout the curriculum, and develop their understanding of their place in our local and national history

  • The importance of experiencing a diverse range of cultures throughout history. Our children will explore a range of cultures in depth and work to understand the differences and similarities between these, including previously neglected or misunderstood viewpoints


Our history curriculum is mapped as follows (green denotes a topic that covers more than one period of history):

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