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Teaching and learning of geography at Woodfield Primary School is designed to help our children understand their place in the world – where they come from and their multi-cultural backgrounds.  Children develop a secure understanding of our local area in the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) leading into study of the United Kingdom and the continents of the world in Key Stage One. 

As their journey through geography continues in Key Stage Two, children learn how to become responsible global citizens and understand how their actions can affect the places we live.  The geographical areas focused on at Woodfield have been carefully chosen to give our children the opportunity to compare the place in which they live with contrasting places around the world which reflect our diverse school community.  This allows them to build upon their understanding of different cultures and show respect to various viewpoints.

Our geography Curriculum at Woodfield builds upon the ambitious aims and objectives laid out in the National Curriculum as well as training from the Geographical Association and research from the Ofsted geography subject review.  Our geography curriculum is split into four strands, which run across our units of work and become progressively more difficult from EYFS up to Year 6:

  1. To locate places

  2. To understand places

  3. Human and physical geography (geographical patterns and processes)

  4. Geographical skills and fieldwork


This ensures that all children are given opportunities to build on prior knowledge and revisit key concepts so that this geographical knowledge becomes embedded in their long-term memory.  Ongoing assessment of our children’s recall of this knowledge is built into learning so that all children know and can remember the core geographical knowledge expected for their year group.


Children begin their geography journey in EYFS where the specific area of learning: Understanding the World, is the foundation of our school’s geography curriculum.  This introduces children to learning about the world around them and is the beginning of our children’s disciplinary knowledge of geography. 

By the end of Key Stage Two, children at Woodfield will be confident and proficient geographers with an excellent understanding of, and interest in, the world and our impact upon it. 

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